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Criminal Defense

Where We Practice

At Duncan Law criminal defense is our passion. We handle criminal cases across the state of Oklahoma. We are experienced in handling any type of criminal case whether it be a simple traffic ticket, or a death penalty homicide. We are licensed and practice in Federal, State and Municipal Courts. Some of the counties we most frequently practice in include Oklahoma County, Canadian County, McClain County, Cleveland County, Kingfisher County, Garfield County, Caddo County, Custer County and Garvin County.

Initial Advice to Potential Clients

During our free consultations we always give a few pieces of criminal defense advice to anyone who is concerned about criminal allegations. The initial advice is simple—don’t talk to any police officers, detectives or government employees without an attorney present. Further, when family members call in on behalf of our clients, we always stress the importance of not talking to the accused on the jail phones. In both state and federal courts, the prosecution is known for listening to, and admitting into evidence client phone calls. Sitting and awaiting trial in a jail is agonizing, and it can be incredibly difficult for clients to avoid speaking on the jail phones to family and friends. In our experience, however, whatever comfort is gained from speaking to a loved one about their case is vastly outweighed by the risk of that call being used against your loved one at trial. If your family or loved one is being held in jail, even for just a few days before posting a bond, refrain from speaking on the phone at all, or be hyper vigilant to not discuss anything even remotely related to the pending charges.

When to Hire an Attorney

Hiring an attorney in the beginning stages of the criminal proceedings is crucial. At Duncan Law, we have been successful in saving our clients thousands of dollars through bond reduction hearings. Rather than immediately posting your loved one’s bond, consider hiring our firm to get a bond reduction. We can appear at the arraignment and argue for a lower bond or submit a bond reduction motion. Depending on where the case is filed, we are also oftentimes able to set up a meeting with the district attorney assigned to the case to negotiate a lower bond. Getting a reasonable bond set for our clients is of huge importance. Having a reasonable bond allows our clients to fight their cases while maintaining employment and living their lives while still attending court and addressing their legal issues. Hiring an attorney sooner rather than later is always in your best interest if you or a loved one has criminal charges on the way. At Duncan Law, we do some of our best work when the client is able to hire us at the very beginning of the case. We truly believe when it comes to finding good representation, the sooner, the better.

What do I do While the Case is Pending?

For many clients, the worst part of their criminal proceedings is the period immediately after an incident has occurred when they’re waiting to learn whether official charges will be filed by the district attorney’s office. When an incident occurs, the police officer or investigator will create a report and deliver it to the district attorney for their review. The district attorney’s office will then be able to review the report and decide whether or not to file charges and initiate the court proceedings. Unfortunately, many cases have a statute of limitations period that can last years. This means you may have to wait wondering whether or not charges will be filed for quite some time. During this “wait” time, we connect our clients with trusted bondsmen in the area to get a plan for posting a bond. It is always best to have a plan for posting bond (who you want to post it and how you will finance the bond) before you actually need to post that bond. Also during this waiting period, we will regularly search for arrest warrants (indicating an arrest could be imminent) and teach our clients how to search for warrants themselves. After posting a bond and learning of the first (arraignment) court date, we have a strategy meeting to discuss what the charges are and develop a plan for how the client can best set themselves up for success in the case, including addressing any underlying issues, such as drug or alcohol abuse or mental health issues.

Client Reviews
“Duncan Law did a fantastic job helping us navigate our complicated legal issue. It is clear that their experience, depth of knowledge and litigation skills were the difference in our achieving a positive outcome in our case. We would highly recommend you work with Duncan Law.” J.B.
“Super satisfied with the job that has been done.” K.H.
"When you need a legal problem addressed quickly, whether a family, civil, or criminal matter, Duncan Law is who you should hire to get the job done." A.H.
"They are extremely good at what they do." J.J.