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At Duncan Law we are committed to helping our clients achieve their goals. We know that every client is different and that’s why we take the time to get to know you. We form a thoughtful plan for every client and every case. When fighting for your freedom, you cannot afford to take chances. You need to get an attorney in your corner who truly understands your situation and fights hard for your rights every step of the way.

When you bring your legal problem to Duncan Law, we leave no stone unturned in learning about you and investigating the details of your situation. We provide each client with personal attention and care. It’s important to us that each of our clients has a comprehensive understanding of the law and our legal strategy as it applies to his or her case. Our firm will communicate with you promptly and keep you updated with your case’s status. You can reach us via text, phone, email, or in person. The criminal defense attorneys at our Oklahoma City firm make ourselves consistently accessible to our clients.

Whether you need representation for a homicide charge, or a traffic ticket, Duncan Law is here to help. You can place your trust in our knowledge and experience to get your life back on track.

I’ve Been Arrested! Now What?

In all likelihood, this is a new situation for you. You aren’t familiar with the process, so naturally, you’re nervous, possibly afraid. You need someone with experience who can guide you through the system. You need an experienced lawyer.

Duncan Law has the experience and expertise to resolve your case. Let us carry that burden for you. We will develop an effective strategy and implement it quickly. In a criminal case, time is of the essence. Witnesses forget details or move, evidence disappears, and deadlines can pass that prevent you from asserting certain defenses. You need a lawyer—now!

Think about it like this. Would you go into surgery without a surgeon? Of course not. So why would you go to court without an attorney?


Our desire to go to trial sets us apart. While trials are high pressure—we are prepared to deliver. We have studied at the renowned Trial Lawyer’s College in Dubois, Wyoming and know that not every case can— or should settle. Whether it’s a traffic ticket, or death penalty murder case, we are ready to go to trial for our clients. We promise to always honestly analyze whether it is in your best interest to try your case. And if you decide to have a trial, our Oklahoma City criminal defense attorneys promise to go in prepared and with a thoughtful strategy every day as we try your case to the jury.


Oklahoma DUI law is complicated for two reasons. First, the amount of a driver’s intoxication can lead to distinct charges: Driving While Intoxicated, Driving Under the Influence, and Aggravated DUI. Each of these charges carries with it increasingly harsh punishments. Second, the punishment can change drastically based on prior related offenses. Hiring a criminal defense attorney that understands the nuances of DUI law is critical in order to either: (1) fight the charge or (2) get the best possible plea deal. We are prepared to help you do either.

DUI Driver’s License Civil Action

Not only does Oklahoma prosecute DUI cases criminally, but the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety (“DPS”) also pursues an entirely separate civil case to take away your driver’s license. The first legal deadline to fight for your license is only 15 days after your arrest. This is another reason why it is critically important to hire a criminal defense lawyer in Oklahoma City as soon as possible after being pulled over for DUI. At Duncan Law we know that going without a driver’s license is not an option, which is why we’re with you every step of the way to help you keep your license.


Drug law in Oklahoma is constantly changing. Charges and punishment ranges differ drastically depending on the type of drug and the amount of drugs involved. Charges can range from Possession of Controlled Dangerous Substances, to Possession with Intent to Distribute, to Trafficking, to finally Aggravated Trafficking. Prior convictions, especially prior drug convictions are an important factor when analyzing the case. We are experienced in defending all drug offenses. Every week, we counsel our clients and their loved ones on how to best navigate the process. If you have been arrested for a drug offense, give us a call and find out how we can help.


Everyone makes mistakes. You don’t want yours impacting your future. Even though you have completed your probation, your old criminal case and arrest can be visible to the public, including potential employers. There are two different types of expungements available to you depending on the type of probation you completed. Set up a free consultation today and let a criminal defense attorney in Oklahoma City help put your past behind you.


The State of Oklahoma is constantly trying to collect evidence to convict our clients. If your loved one faces a murder charge—be sure to refrain from talking to him or her on the jail telephone. All communications are recorded and will be used against our clients. This is true for all clients, but especially those charged with murder, as the stakes couldn’t be higher. As former public defenders, we have handled many murder cases and will tackle the charges head on like we would for any other crime. Charges can vary from misdemeanor Negligent Manslaughter to death penalty Murder in the First Degree. Upon our first meeting, we will counsel you on the various murder statutes and explain our process for preparing a murder case. We will cover any and all possible defenses including Self Defense, Defense of Others, Lack of Intent, Mistaken Identity and Insanity—to name just a few.

Sex Crimes

Being convicted of a sex crime can have lasting consequences long after a probation or prison sentence has been served. If you are convicted of an enumerated sex crime, you will be required to register on the Oklahoma Sex Offender Registry for 15 years up to life. Additionally, it will significantly limit where you are able to live in Oklahoma. Whether you need an Oklahoma City criminal defense lawyer to defend you from a sex crime allegation, or you want help understanding the requirements of sex offender registration, give us a call.

Juvenile Law

You and your children may become involved in a juvenile case in one of two ways: The first type of juvenile court case is when children are charged with a crime, also known as a delinquency case. If the charge is serious enough, your child may face juvenile detention, or even incarceration as an adult. The second type of case is a deprived action. In this situation, the parent is accused of failing to provide adequate care to the children or failing to keep them away from a dangerous situation, such as domestic violence or drug use. In this type of case, if the State meets its burden, it can take your children away. The attorneys at Duncan Law have fought both types of cases and will fight for you and your children.

Victim Protective Order (VPO)

Victim Protective Orders (VPO) can be requested by those who claim to have been harassed, stalked, or abused. If granted, a VPO can prevent you from having contact with the other party for up to five years. Additionally, you may be responsible for fees and costs associated with the VPO. A VPO is also a public record that can be viewed by the public online. You do not want that coming up at your next job interview. After being served with a VPO, you are entitled to a hearing where you can present your side of the story. Don’t show up without an attorney. Contact Duncan Law to ensure that you have counsel who knows how to handle these cases.

Municipal Courts

Municipal Courts can prosecute traffic offenses as well as misdemeanor crimes. Penalties can range from fines to jail time. When you receive a traffic citation from a municipality, don’t just pay the ticket to make it go away. Certain violations get reported to your insurance company and add points to your driver’s license. Speak with an attorney at Duncan Law to mitigate the consequences.

Representative Cases
Homicide Acquittal
When you’re not guilty of the crime the government has charged you with there is only one option. Jury trial. Despite that, thousands of people take plea deals because they are scared to put their lives in the hands of the jury. We represented a client who was charged with the most serious offense possible: Murder in the First Degree. This client was adamant from the first day we met that he was not guilty. He had been accused of the crime based on the testimony of single eyewitness. However, this witness had serious mental health issues and later recanted her statement. Instead of dismissing the case, the prosecutors insisted on proceeding to trial. We were able to discredit the State’s witness and our client walked out of the courtroom a free man after receiving a full acquittal.
Drug Trafficking Trial
Sometimes you’re in the wrong place at the wrong time. In one of our cases, our client agreed to drive across the country in a vehicle with his nephew. After the two were pulled over in Oklahoma for a minor traffic offense, the vehicle was searched, and police discovered several pounds of methamphetamine. Our client denied any knowledge of the drugs and rightfully insisted on a jury trial, where we helped secure a full acquittal.
Drug Trafficking Amended to Possession with Intent
We recently represented a woman who was accused of drug trafficking after her boyfriend was pulled over while driving through Oklahoma. Our client knew there was marijuana in the vehicle, but believed it was only a small amount for personal use. Unfortunately, the car was searched, and police discovered many pounds of marijuana. We developed a strategy to show the district attorney that our client was not a drug dealer. Over a course of several months of negotiations, we were able to convince the district attorney to reduce the charge to a lesser possession offense so that our client could avoid going to prison.
Violent Crimes Amended to Non-violent
We recently represented a client who was charged with Assault and Battery with a Dangerous Weapon. Our client was involved in a fight with another individual. This other individual suffered a knife wound during the fight. Unfortunately, our client had a significant criminal history and was facing a mandatory minimum sentence of 20 years in prison. After much negotiation and countless hours of trial preparations, we were able to convince the district attorney not to use our client’s criminal history to enhance his sentence. Without his prior convictions used against him, our client was able to get a beneficial plea deal that will allow him to rejoin his family sooner than would have otherwise been possible.
Mental Health Court Success
A client of ours was on felony probation when she was charged with a new crime. This is too often a hopeless situation. The biggest—most important—rule of probation is to not to commit or be charged with new crimes. This client, who was 8 months pregnant at the time of her arrest, was committed to addressing her serious mental health issue, which was the root cause of her legal problems. After much work—we were able to get her accepted into Mental Health Court. As a result, this client escaped going to prison and was given a new start with her newborn child.
Unjust Rape Charge Dismissed
This year, we found ourselves representing an innocent client facing an unjust rape charge. We took it upon ourselves to investigate the case. We hunted down witnesses and set up interviews to determine the truth. Although our client remained in jail the entire time, we investigated his case and used his guidance to find the answers we needed to show his innocence. After providing the district attorney evidence of our client’s innocence, the rape charge was dismissed.
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“Duncan Law did a fantastic job helping us navigate our complicated legal issue. It is clear that their experience, depth of knowledge and litigation skills were the difference in our achieving a positive outcome in our case. We would highly recommend you work with Duncan Law.” J.B.
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"When you need a legal problem addressed quickly, whether a family, civil, or criminal matter, Duncan Law is who you should hire to get the job done." A.H.
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